Big “Live” Sunday Nite Smoke Show #114

Big “Live” Sunday Nite Smoke Show #114

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Big “Live” Sunday Nite Smoke Show #114
Tonight’s Show Is Packed …
– Weekly Drug Victims Memorial Candle
– Weekly Dispensary Busts (14 in 2 wks)
Also On Tonight’s Show…
– Another recall broken coast B.C. medical marijuana firm issues recall over tainted drugs
– Myclobutanil: Why are some licensed cannabis producers using this banned pesticide?
– Aurora Cannabis considers entering retail market amid uncertainty it will be allowed
– Veterans affairs sanctioned clinics not prescribing marijuana
– Committee calls for New Brunswick to set minimum age for marijuana at 19
– More Vancouver landlords using drug-sniffing dogs on tenants
– P.E.I. survey fill it out (link below)
– Liquor Stores Lobby to Sell Legal Marijuana In Canada
– Vancouverites Vote For Watermelon
– Former B.C. health minister Terry Lake named VP of Gatineau medical marijuana company hydropotthecary
– Gordon H. Fox: To eliminate illicit cannabis market, we need e-commerce pot delivery
– Police will ‘address concerns’ of Cambridge protester who wants his bong back
– We have a new Health Minister – Ginette Petitpas Taylor
– Many Flaws with the 1 Metre Home Growing Rule
– Interactive Chat Room
– Upcoming Protests, Events, and Rallys
– 4:20 Flos – 7:10 Dabs – Thee Cannabis Dice
– Weekly Cannabis Pics
– A Whole Lot Of Smokey Fun

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Thompson Caribou Concentrates

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Direct link to the PEI Survey: Cannabis legalization

An Open Letter On Health Canada’s Approved Sprays By Freddie Pritchard

An Open Letter On Health Canada’s Approved Sprays

Health Cannada Approved Sprays, Inert/Other Ingredients, Labels



BILL S-230 Drug-Impaired Driving Detection Act
An Act to amend the Criminal Code (drug-impaired driving)

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Live Show Every Sunday Afternoon at 4Pm West Coast Time
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