Big “Live” Dabnormous Sunday Nite Smoke Show #115

Big “Live” Dabnormous Sunday Nite Smoke Show #115

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Big “Live” Dabnormous Sunday Nite Smoke Show #115
I’m back early, I tried to rest, too much has happened, no time for breaks. I hope I can get through it all – May be biting on more than I can chew
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On This Sunday’s Dabnormous Show…
– Weekly Drug Victims Memorial Candle
– Weekly Dispensary Busts (4)
– 5 days of committee hearings completed and recapped
– Motion to extend the hearings for 2 days to listen to young people, concentrate and edible makers defeated 5-3 by the liberals
– Now 20 approved sprays Health Cannada adds Lacto-San, Cyclone and
Doktor Doom Formula 420
– New Brunswick creates Crown corporation to oversee marijuana sales
– New Brunswick makes marijuana distribution deal with OrganiGram for 60 million and with Canopy Growth 40 million
– Organigram Enters into MOU for Microwave Assisted Extraction Technique Development
– Ontario pot plan unveiled
– Quebec to ban home growing
– Ontario has already announced it will not allow homegrown marijuana in its jurisdiction
– Pot related policing, border enforcement efforts to get 4M from Ottawa
– Police want feds to delay marijuana legalization rollout
– Dispensaries are history under provinces plan to sell pot
You’ll be able to buy it from the LCBO created stores or online
– 40 separate from alcohol stores at first, rising to 80 by year end 2018 and 150 by 2020
– Coming soon: Alberta government’s plan on how and where marijuana will be sold
– Liberals Plan To Use Time Allocation To Clamp Down Debate In Commons
– Strong single sent to the black market, that it will not be tolerated and they intend to combat illegal activitys
– Ottawa urged to hold huge public education campaign about pots risks for youth
– B.C. undecided on rules for legal marijuana, even as justice ministers discuss ideas
– Illegal pot shops in Ottawa, consider yourself on notice, Ontario government says
– Hamilton Councillors urge pot shop crackdown
-Pot to dominate talk as justice ministers meet in Vancouver
– City of Vancouver issues 12th marijuana related business licence to Cambie Street dispensary
– Jeffrey Shaver protesting in his thong, wins and getting his bong and pot back
– We have a new Health Minister – Ginette Petitpas Taylor
Also on every live show…
– Interactive Chat Room with the most coolest cannabis peeps
– Upcoming Protests, Events, and Rallys
– 4:20 Flos – 7:10 Dabs – Thee Cannabis Dice
– Weekly Cannabis Pics
– A Whole Lot Of Smokey Fun

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An Open Letter On Health Canada’s Approved Sprays By Freddie Pritchard

An Open Letter On Health Canada’s Approved Sprays

Health Canada Approved Sprays, Inert/Other Ingredients, Labels



BILL S-230 Drug-Impaired Driving Detection Act
An Act to amend the Criminal Code (drug-impaired driving)

Ontario Pot Plan Unveiled

The five days of committee hearings provided by Pot TV

Florida Everglades Relief Fund Battered By Irma – Tim McBride
This very quaint quiet loving community of generational families has bore the brunt of hurricane Irma. All of the under 500 residents that call Everglades City and Chololoskee Island home, have no homes to go back to. They need water, food clothing, shelter, boots to walk though contaminated water covering the entire city. My dear friends need your blessings and assistance. PLEASE!

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