42 Day Time Lapse of Cannabis – Indoor LED/COB Grow[Veg+Flower]

42 Day Time Lapse of Cannabis – Indoor LED/COB Grow[Veg+Flower]

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These are days 40 through 82 from seed of Cannabis. The strains are 2 mystery strains, a white widow, and a northern lights. I lose the two best growers initially as they turned out to be males. At day 66 I switch to flowering, 12/12 light cycle.

I install a new COB LED light 2 days prior: http://www.rapidled.com/vero29-triple-cob-array-kit/

Here I show everything else I have with links in the description:

To make the time lapse, I set up a raspberry pi in the corner of the tent to take pictures every 5 minutes. I transfer the files everyday to my computer, delete from the device, and set up code for the next days captures. It’s a tedious process, and I’m sure not the most efficient, but this is just a hobby and I work full time and try to keep a life going. I miss some days due to many variables, I apologize. I also cannot move the camera lens any further to the left to clearly get all 4 plants. When I close the tent, the negative pressure sucks the sides of the tent inward pushing it slightly. Oh well.

FortyThr33 – Bay Breeze(Original Mix)
Ehrling – Palm Trees
Gelka – Eau Rouge pt1

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