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These are 3 stocks to watch in the month of July 2017. Two of these stocks for July 2017 are stocks I expect will go up in value. One of these stocks for July 2017 is a stock I expect will go down in value. The stock market is unpredictable and in 2017 the stocks may go up or down. It is impossible to know for sure but we can make our best guess about the stock market in July of 2017.

#1 Blue Apron (NYSE $APRN)

This meal kit planning company went public on Thursday June 29th. They went public at an IPO price of . Earlier in the IPO process they quoted an IPO price of to . This tells me that institutional investors are not as excited about the company as anticipated. Blue Apron has a customer acquisition cost of which is very high. The average Blue Apron customer spends .23 per quarter. Currently, Blue Apron is not turning a profit. Revenue growth has been strong, from .8 million in 2014 to 5.4 million in 2016. Online sales make up 1.2% of the grocery market. Here is the problem though. There is a lot of competition in the food delivery business. Dozens of meal-kit companies are operating in the US. For example, Plated, Hello Fresh, Green Chef, Sun Basket, Chef’d and Purple Carrot.On top of this, Amazon poses a threat to these businesses. Amazon Fresh is an expanding grocery delivery service. Amazon could easily create meal kits and they would replicate the business of Blue Apron. For those reasons, I would avoid this stock.

#2 Citigroup Inc (NYSE $C)

After the 2008 stock market crisis, banks did not have enough capital to absorb the losses because they were overextended. Since then, the government has ordered banks to increase the quality and the quantity of the capital they hold. Once a year, they are put through a stress test to make sure they have enough capital. Citigroup and many other banks passed this stress test. The 4th largest bank in terms of assets was granted permission to return nearly billion of capital to shareholders. Citigroup plans to buy back .6 billion of common stock over the next year and double quarterly dividends to {videoDescription}.32 per share. Bank stocks have been on fire lately. The banking industry is up 48% over the last year while the S&P 500 index is up 20%.

#3 First Solar (NASDAQ $FSLR)

First Solar provides solar energy components as well as solar energy systems. As far as components, they design, manufacture and sell solar modules. As far as systems, they design solar arrays for customers. Low oil prices resulting in cheaper energy costs have made a bearish case for solar companies. The Trump election also hurt this company, due to his favorable stance towards the use of fossil fuels. Post election the stock fell from .58 to .21 as a bottom. First Solar is now trading back at the pre election range, a good sign for this company. First Solar had billion in cash and 0.4 million in debt at the end of 2016. Management expects to have .4 to .6 billion in cash at the end of this year. First Solar also owns 22.1 million shares of 8point3 energy partners. First Solar is in the process of upgrading manufacturing equipment which is a very expensive process. This was the primary reason for losses last year. This, however, will make First Solar more competitive offering more efficient and advanced solar modules.

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