3 Stocks to Buy May 2017

3 Stocks to Buy May 2017

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3 stocks to buy in the month of May 2017. TD Bank, Sirius XM Holdings, and Aphria are the stocks I picked. Every month we will be checking up on the ones from the month before to see how I did.


This is a Canadian Bank stock. Recently they’ve been in the news being bashed for their sales practices. One of their former employees came out talking bad about TD. This was a major news story across Canada. Later employees from all the major 5 banks came out discussing similar sales tactics were being used. Now all of this bad press has caused the stock to have a pullback as well as the other big canadian banks. They’re some other factors that caused this like the housing market and a few other things too.

It’s trading at 64.23 as of April 28th. It has a Yield of 2.20 or 3.32%. The Support is around . You can see here on the redline. The beginning of May is going to be the best time to buy.

Sirius XM Holdings is a major satellite radio provider in the states. Recently subsidiaries of Berkshire Hathaway have purchased 250M worth of shares. Their first quarter results were spot on and shows 20% profit rise from last year. The stock does pay a small dividend as well .04 a share or .78%. I think we will continue to see Sirius rise in the summer months and it’s always good to keep an eye on stocks that Warren Buffet is interested in.

It’s trading at 4.95 as of April 28th

I went over Aphria in my Guide to Pot Stocks video, if anyone is interested link will be in the description. It has pulled back from its highs around 8.40. Recreational marijuana use in Canada is going to be legal by July 1st 2018. Aphria is one of the top players in the industry and is going to see much more growth in the coming years.

Playing with pot stocks can be difficult there is a lot of trash out there but Aphria is going to be one of the few that pulls ahead of rest.

Aphria’s support is around 5.80. You can see it on the red line.

It’s trading at 6.14 as of April 28th

A Guide to Pot Stocks:

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