24 Unbelievable Vending Machines

24 Unbelievable Vending Machines

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24 Unbelievable Vending Machines.
From a bizarre vending machine selling live insects to a machine that cells used underwear, these are 24 of the most unbelievable vending machines.

15 – A night to remember…
If you’re having to head out and buy underwear in the early hours of the morning, it can only mean that you have had a hectic night that you want to remember forever, or forget as quickly as possible! Calvin Klein introduced these vending machines, which sell underwear exclusively!

14 – Lose yourself in a book…
I love these vending machines, which allow you to buy a book on the go. Apparently there are some book vending machines that actually print, bind and cover a wide range of books which you can order. It’s great, because you can even print rare titles and books that are sold out in book shops. Amazing!

13 – Got Milk?
If not – If you’re in France or Spain, you can just grab a pint from you closest milk vending machine. They were introduced in 2009, by Spanish farmers to cut out the middle man and steadying the price of milk.

12 – Total Comfort food…
So if it’s possible to fries out of a vending machine, why not mashed potato? This looks like the most incredible comfort food, and you can find these mashed potato vending machines in Singapore. I hope the gravy is tasty!

11 – Everything is awesome!
Clever place to pop this awesome vending machine, it’s found at the Munich train station. So if your kids are driving you a little crazy, this is the answer to keeping them occupied… I can’t guarantee for how long though, but every little bit helps!

10 – So the Lego didn’t work?
What about buying them an insect instead? This is sure to captivate them a bit longer then the Lego. In all seriousness though, why on earth would there be a need for a vending machine that sells live insects. I find this rather cruel and sad.

9 – Batteries not included…
Well don’t despair, just head outside to the vending machine that stocks a wide range of batteries! With all these vending machines, there might not be supermarkets left anymore!

8 – You never know when the need will strike…
So it’s a good thing that they have a vending machine selling sex toys! Because there is absolutely nothing embarrassing about buying sex toys from a vending machine in full view of others. Nothing at all.

7 – Drummers are the best bangers
This vending has to be one of the strangest, because you wouldn’t imagine that there would be such a need for drum sticks, strings and picks. But clearly there is! Drummers are covered!

6 – For medicinal purposes only…
Marijuana vending machines actually exist, and you can find them in Canada! However, it’s only for medicinal purposes and you need a driver’s license and medical marijuana card to purchase from the machine.

5 – Happy Anniversary hun…
This is perfect for the guy who forgot his Anniversary, needs to say sorry or wants to get lucky… these flower vending machines make that all possible!

4 – Well this is handy…
Because I can imagine how many women leave home forgetting to put a bra on… it’s a bra vending machine, and of course this can only be in Japan! There is a sizing chart as well, just in case you don’t know your own size and there are a variety of designs available.

3 – For the health conscious…
If you’re tired of all the rubbish available to eat from vending machines, this is just perfect for you. It’s salad in a jar, and every day a fresh variety of salads of loaded into the machine. You can purchase one from as little as .00

2 – Life is better in flip-flops…
This vending machine is awesome, it’s a flip-flop vending machine – and I am sure this is placed in a pretty touristy, beachy part of town. You just never know when you’re going to need a new pair of flops!

1 – Everyone’s an artist!
Sometimes the need for a piece of artwork must be so overwhelming, but what do you do if it’s the middle of the night? Head down to the Art O Mat, a vending machine that sells original art work. There are so many different kinds of these machines, with some even selling little matchboxes painted with original artwork .

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