2018 Outlook for Marijuana Penny Stocks

2018 Outlook for Marijuana Penny Stocks

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2018 Outlook for Cannabis and Pot Penny Stocks

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The share prices for marijuana penny stocks may be under some pressure in 2018. As investor appetites go from speculation to valuation, shareholders will be forced to look at the underlying business financials.

The vast majority of pot penny stocks are very small companies, with only a few employees, no revenues, and massive million dollar losses each quarter. This scenario often ends up with bankruptcies and declining share prices.

The real winners from the cannabis penny stock industry may include massive multi-billion dollar corporations, who are involved in such industries as alcohol, vitamins, pharmaceuticals, legal drugs, and energy drinks.

Most shareholders in pot penny stocks are less experienced investors, and have made their trade decision based on an article or some coverage they have seen in the media about the shifting social trends in relation to cannabis.

Some of the pot penny stocks may “survive” in terms of their business, but unfortunately the vast majority will fade away, or go bankrupt. This scenario has played out many times in the past, and it will again.

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