How To Make Money With Binary Options – Ways To Make $500 A Day With Online Trading

How To Make Money With Binary Options – Ways To Make 0 A Day With Online Trading

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How To Make Money With Binary Options – Ways To Make 500$ A Day With Online Trading
Binary options trading is considered to be the easiest and fastest way to trade online. Once your account is set up (which can take less than five minutes) you can make a first deposit of as low as 250 dollars and start trading right away. Since you can deposit directly with your debit or credit card you will be able to trade within minutes.
Trading is easier than one can imagine. Placing a trade takes four easy steps:
1) Select the asset – You can choose to trade currency pairs (also known as forex pairs), commodities (gold, silver, etc.), stocks indices (S&P500, NASDAQ, DOW JONES, etc.) or individual stocks (Apple, Google, Exxon, etc.).
2) Select the duration – When selecting the expiry time you choose how long the trade will last. Most brokers offer durations that range from 20 seconds to one month, The most popular trades are 30 minutes and one hour options.
3) Select the amount – This is the amount you invest in one trade. You can never lose more than this amount. If your trade is a loss you will lose the whole amount (some brokers give refunds of up to 15% of the amount, but in most cases there is no refund). Note that once you choose your investment amount the trading platform will show you the payouts in case of win or loss. You will know from the beginning how much you can win or lose. No strings attached, no commissions, no hidden fees.

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