Money Robot Submitter – Social Signs Module Tutorial

Money Robot Submitter – Social Signs Module Tutorial

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Money Robot Submitter – Social signs module tutorial video. The new social module feature is now released. This new module will create daily social signs from over 22000 google / twitter / facebook phone verified accounts. It will create facebook shares and likes, tweets and googleplus shares. Get your copy at

The social module can be used for websites and also for youtube videos for any url. It is simple to use ans it only requires adding your urls.

The capacity of daily social signs per url will increase constantly.
Social signs will provide additional rankings and traffic.


In this day and age, a strong presence on social media is incredibly important for the link building of practically any website out there, but to build a presence manually is often incredibly tedious, in addition to taking a pretty long time before you can get an established presence on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Thanks to Money Robot, however, you can say goodbye of all the manual link building through social signs, as you can now do so automatically and within the span of a few short minutes. Thanks to this feature, you can easily get high quality tweets, as well as shares and likes from Google+ and Facebook, to promote your website easily. Even better, you do not have to worry about the social signs of your website being seen as a spam, as all of those will come from thousands of different high-quality, human accounts. WIth Money Robot, it is now possible for you to get daily social signs to improve your website’s link building easily, all with the push of a few buttons.


While it is true that there are quite a few software out there which you could use to boost the link building of your website, none is as full-featured and easy to use as Money Robot. This is thanks to the fact that this particular software comes with quite a lot of automated features that makes the search engine optimization of your website so much easier than if you are using any other software.

The same goes for this software’s social signs feature. There is no need for you to manually input social media accounts just so you could use them to promote your website. Instead, in order to use this feature all you have to do is to prepare the link of the pages that you want to promote through social media. You can easily choose any of the pages or post on your website to promote, or even use it to promote YouTube videos if you shall desire. Open the social page of Money Robot to begin the social signs feature, and simply add the URLs you desire by clicking on the ‘Add your URLs’ button. You can choose to manually input the URLs one by one, or you can easily input multiple URLs all at once by copy and pasting them into the provided box, so long as you remember to separate each URL, one per line. After that, all that is left for you to do is to let Money Robot runs and starts tweeting, liking, and sharing the links you have inputted into it. You can even see the number of social signs being shared in real-time!


One of the biggest reasons contributing to the popularity of this feature among the users of Money Robot is the fact that this feature is guaranteed to greatly boost the link building of your website, thanks to the daily tweets, likes, and shares that your website could get if you are using this feature. The developers behind Money Robot firmly believes in quality over quantity, so while you might not get as many social signs as compared to if you are using another software, you can rest assured that all the social media accounts utilized by this software to work are not bots, but real human accounts. This makes your signs so much more authentic and credible compared to when you are utilizing bot accounts to increase your social media presence.

If you are looking for a way to monetize your website fast and easily, then there is simply no denying that this software is the way to go. Once you use it to boost your social media presence, you can easily see how influential this feature is to the search engine optimization of your very own website. It is now possible for your website to rank easily on the first page of search engines, all without you needing to do all the dirty and manual work by yourself. Purchase Money Robot now, and experience all the differences it can bring!

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