Money Robot Submitter – Catch All Emails Tutorial

Money Robot Submitter – Catch All Emails Tutorial

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Money Robot Submitter – Catch all emails tutorial video. In this tutorial you will learn how to create unlimited e-mails for Money Robot using your own domain. Get your copy at


All website owners out there must be wondering if there is any way they could improve the ranking of their website through search engine optimization, and if you count yourself among them then you would surely be happy to know that you can now use Money Robot to help you boost your website’s ranking way easier and faster than other similar softwares currently available out there.

If you are not familiar with Money Robot, it is at its core a link building software that will help you greatly in placing your website on the first page of major search engines, including Google and Bing. Compared to similar softwares available on the market, Money Robot is significantly more comprehensive, with numerous features included in it that are guaranteed to help you greatly in link building to improve the rating and ranking of your website. Aside from its many automated features, this software also allows you to catch all emails to ensure that you will not miss an important email that happened to be sent to a mistyped or otherwise nonexistent email address in your domain.


If you are still new to link building and search engine optimization in general, then you might not be familiar with the term catch all emails. To put it simply, this refers to the method of creating an email address which will, essentially, catch emails sent to your domain name but to a wrong email address, whether that is because the sender misspelled or mistyped the address or simply because the email address they are sending the email to does not exist. Say, for instance, that you have created an email address called [email protected] in order to allow people to email you if they want to receive an information about your website or the product you are selling, and one day one of your website’s visitors is sending you an email asking for an information but using the wrong email address to do so. Say, instead of sending the email to [email protected] like they should, they are sending it to [email protected], an email address that does not exist. Without catch all emails, the email might never be received by you, and might be returned back to the sender. With catch all emails provided by Money Robot, however, you can easily make an email address to redirect and collect all those emails to a single mailbox so that you will still be able to receive them and not miss a potential customer.

Creating and having a catch all email account is also very easy to do, and when combined with Money Robot you can easily create unlimited email accounts to help you boost your link building easily, and without having to resort to using another domain to do so. After creating your catch all emails account through the control panel provided by your website hosting provider of choice, you can simply sign in to your Money Robot account and add a new profile, which then you can fill with the aforementioned email address. You can then use the mail to create new campaigns through Money Robot easily and without any hassle; all you have to do is to open the application and click on the New Campaign button, which will lead you to a page where you will be asked to fill in all the required information, including site URLs as well as keywords, along with the title of your article and its content. After that, all that is left to do in order to greatly enhance your link building is to start the campaign, and the software will do it automatically for you.

If you are using this software, you can say goodbye to having to manually do all the search engine optimization of your site all by yourself, which can be tedious and complicated especially if you are new to the world of search engine optimization. Instead, thanks to this software you can rest assured that your website will receive the visibility it deserves all without you having to everything yourself; all you have to do is to use Money Robot.

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