Daweda Binary Options Auto Trading Exchange Robot Makes YOU Huge Profits Easily Today!

Daweda Binary Options Auto Trading Exchange Robot Makes YOU Huge Profits Easily Today!

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Daweda Review: The things I discovered shocked me & I have to share it with anyone I can that is related to it. I want to tell you my story.

My name is Jay & I traded binary options for quite some time. I decided to research & dig in some more into this industry and how it operates and the things I discovered shocked me and I’m sure they will shock you too. When you win you get 80%-85% profit on your investment but when you lose binary options companies take 100% of your investment. This is pretty obvious to everyone, but if you will think about it this 15%-20% margin makes you LOSE your investment over time. Even if you win half of the times and lose half of the time, you will lose your money because they take more money when you lose then when they give you when you win. This 15%-20% lose margin is super high and unfair.

The next thing I found out shocked me completely. I was able to get in touch with an employee in the binary option industry (in a big binary options broker I won’t mention its name) through a mutual friend, and asked him how is it possible that no matter what I do, even when I use signals and up-to-date market trends I keep losing my money.

He told me a thing I couldn’t believe is happening. That friend told me that these companies have an entire department watching the trader’s activity, and once they see a customer is about to win a big trade, or winning too many times in a row THEY CHANGE THE GRAPH (QUATATION) TO A FAKE ONE SO THAT YOU WILL LOSE AND THEY WILL WIN THE TRADE.

I couldn’t believe it, these companies are supposed to be regulated I told him, but he said that the trading platform is in 100% control of the companies and that they can do whatever they want, and the regulator isn’t aware of this activity. This conversation really opened my eyes about binary options and but it also really made sense because I didn’t understand how I lost so much money in the past.

I still wanted to trade on financial instruments online, enjoy the rush and excitement of binary trading and earnings that I really liked, but I wanted to do it in a fair place that won’t rip me off like all these binary options companies. I asked the same guy does he know of any trading company I can trade with that isn’t doing all these unfair things. He told me there is a pretty new company that called Daweda Exchange, and the difference there is that it’s a binary contract trading company but between clients and not against the broker (the company itself), so if you win you get 100% profit on your investment and not 80%-85% like all other binary options brokers. I asked him so how do they earn money? He told me that for every trade they take {videoDescription}.5 fee and that is their business model.

I was still unsure about it, but he told me that this company was created by people who worked in the binary options industry, really didn’t like how companies keep scamming customers and decided to open a new binary trading product that is regulated, transparent, where you trade with other people and not against the broker so where you see all of the trades and all is out in the open. This way when you trade against other people you don’t have any conflict of interest with the company so they have no reason to change the quotation to a fake one and make you lose your money because they earn their {videoDescription}.5 fee on each trade, and you have the potential to earn a 100% profit on your trades.

It sounded pretty good so I said I will give it a go. I opened a free account on their website http://tinyurl.com/j6u7ly3 and started with 300 euro. It took me a minute or two to understand the platform and how to trade, but once I looked at the beginner’s guide video section I knew what to do. After a week or so of trading I made a profit of more than 2,000 euros. Most of the signals and market trends I used resulted in winning and not losing like in all other binary options platform. I’m sure that if I would trade the same in a regular binary option broker I would be losing the same exact trades. And the best part is that when I won I got 100% profit on my investment & not 80%-85% so my balance grew much faster. Today I’m trading there for over 3 months & I have a Robot that auto trades for me. Once I reached the 5,000 euro balance I could access Daweda’s auto trading robot, that after setting it up with their account manager over the phone, it traded for me automatically using a setting and risk management I chose beforehand. This was really a mind opener. I won’t tell you I’m a millionaire today, but I do make an extra 500-2000 euro per month & it feels great.

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