Binary Options SCAMS “you don’t really want it!”

Binary Options SCAMS “you don’t really want it!”

Mike’s Binary Options Blacklist: Binary Options Scams on WatchDog: Thank you for watching my parody song on binary options scams such as some of the recent ones, Binary Hijack, Rock The Stock, Cindy Taylor my girl from Profit with Cindy.. Too many scams in this industry!! I get over 300+ emails some days with complaints from traders regarding all kinds of binary options related fraud. My channel is still the biggest on YouTube and I get tons of feedback from traders on a daily basis so trust me that visiting my binary options blacklist is a MUST if you have plans to become an online trader, and do it without the help of Rock The Stock from Wall Street, because man trust me, you don’t really want it…. (goes to all the female traders too 😉 )

Visit one of the latest testimonials I posted from my Binary Options signals group on Facebook, the guy is %100 legit, no Fiverr, we have a real binary options group and I am really proud of it!

If you are interested to download this song or if you have any questions related to binary options you can email me at [email protected] and don’t forget to comment, share, like because trust me that many scams are NOT going to like this video.. but you know what? let’s make it viral!! Share this video everyone!! 😀 😀 😀

Complete Lyrics: “You don’t really want it” , Produced and written by Michael Freeman, Mixed by DJ Anonymous.

“Tired to get the run around.. Cindy Taylor in my old phone,
I should call her and go off!! I’ve been getting scammed too long…The company I would try, got me switching to the other guys, but I’ve been through so much.. that Imma switch it any way, they say, Started out right..they better make this right!
Thinking about today I got a plan for tonight It get’s so complicated, It’s so outragous, never thought I would ever go through this…

ohhh ohhh ohhh

Never thought that life would get this tough, nooo
get slapped a couple times, but get back up
Never thought that life would get so tough


But Extreme Profits System wasn’t enough,

Thought it was my chance to profit, just made one last deposit!
Insider’s John, you know what I mean, wish I was on it,
lord knows I wished I bombed it!



Just got jacked by binary Hijack, lost my money with the Binary my attitude is on 0 and you don’t want it
you don’t really want it..

Rock That Stock from Wall ST, German Robot and the Hobbit, fairytales and stories! K
eep me on it, but now I am worried, now I am worried..what you’ll doing with my MONEY? Yeahh

Wish I found Michael Freeman’s blacklist before I lost all my money, they spent if you are looking for some thing real man, Michael Freeman is the guy you shoud email. Where is the POLICE when you NEED THEM?!?! So many FRICKIN scams what’s the deal man?
Don’t make the same mistakes I did and don’t forget to subscribe to MR Freeman….please don’t! Don’t make the same mistakes that I did, and don’t forget to subscribe to MR Freeman

Shout-out to to all the Binary Options Traders out there!

Peace! ”

Big thank you to the Rock The Stock fraud team, for being extremely fun to expose! Roy, his full identity and more details about him can be found on many websites but check out this one:

Katie Harvery, (Cindy Taylor’s real name), I really hope that I didn’t hurt you in anyway, I know you are just acting, however.. your participation in so many binary options scams such as Profit with Cindy, gave me no option but to inclue you in this video, especially since I hired you too for a a quickie, 😉

No offense to anyone, I know that “haters” and binary options scams, particularly the ones I blacklisted are NOT going to LIkE this video and I really don’t blame them. 🙂

If you have a taste for music and,or if you dig my creative way to expose binary options scams, give me THUMBS UP, it’s not one of my usual videos, I hope you folks like it. Please also share on every social media and of course, if you want me to send you the MP4 version of the song, don’t forget to email me.

Cheers to a lot of success everyone!!

P.S. – Big thanks and a lot of love to all my group’s members, channel’s subscribers and everyone who helped me make it happen!!!

Michael Freeman
[email protected]

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