We Are Witnessing the Failure of Fiat vs Crypto-Currencies | Rob Kirby

We Are Witnessing the Failure of Fiat vs Crypto-Currencies | Rob Kirby

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Gold bugs have been anticipating a reset and collapse of the fiat monetary system, but the expected ”flight to safety” response into the physical precious metals has been thwarted SO FAR. But fiat currency is already hyper-inflating against the leading crypto-currencies. The next moves in the geo-political escalations are the desperate endgame of the fiat system in full-on failure. Kirby delivers a pull-no-punches and sobering expose of what may come next, as he brings into sharp focus what each of us must do to take action now, reduce risk, and prepare for the fallout (literally and figuratively!)

How are ultra-rich elite globalists prepping? If we follow the money, what lessons can a preparedness minded person learn from the powers that be?

– Real estate in what regions? (what are the safest places closer to home?)

– What real money assets?

– What forms of protection?

– What role does planning play in your survival?

What are the signs of the times that point to extreme risk in economic & political events today?

Who wields the real levers of power, and are thwarting any reforms for the common good?

Why has America NEVER had a failed bond auction?

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