Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Buy for January 2018 for 500% Returns

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Buy for January 2018 for 500% Returns

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News can be a very galvanizing force for price increases around a cryptocurrency. Some news won’t increase a price, while others can send it soaring. When Antshares rebranded to NEO, they went from $.17 to . I love when companies rebrand. It gives them a fresh start and finds new investors to RESTART the market cycle.
These are coins that are unknown. They are SPECULATION investments. This means that I am speculating based on my experience as an investor. This also means that with it comes risk. Speculation is the highest level of investing one can attain. You need to go through all the other levels before you can reach a high level of mastery with speculation.

I know the technology. I know the fundamentals. I’ve been in this game for a long time. It helps that I have a technological background in programming (I own a mobile application development company) and have been building my own computers since I was 12.

This is just fundamental news for January specifically that could see a major price increase.

They are the following:
#1 Pick – VeChain (VEN): .33 – Binance – “Thor” rebranding event (mid january) I recommended this coin at .10 and it’s up almost 100% in less than 2 weeks. I expect this one to get massive support. Should reach a billion market cap in Jan.

#2 POLL – .48 – Cryptopia and Kukoin – Launching new app, website and browser plugin and also major partnerships are being announced in January.

#3 Substratum (SUB): Binance – .07 – Beta Platform Launch. Big deal. They’re gaining momentum.

#4 – Wagerr (WGR): WAVES decentralized exchange – {videoDescription}.492052 – Currently only has a market cap of million. They are launching the main network, test network and mnodes IN January. VERY undervalued coin. With ANY momentum, this coin be be huge in the gambling industry. I think it’s one of the most undervalued coins currently.

#5 – Wild Crypto (WILD): {videoDescription}.366891 – CRYPTOPIA – Wild Crypto Platform Release. VERY low priced right now with a million market cap. With their platform release, I could see them being a big mover in January.

Some of these exchanges are sketchy and so trading on them comes with inherent risk. I don’t mind the risk because the reward is 5-20X returns on my investments.

Good luck and happy trading.

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