Roger Ver – Michael Crypto Live Meet Up Group – Santa Monica CA

Roger Ver – Michael Crypto Live Meet Up Group – Santa Monica CA

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How Bitconnect earns money:

Mining Fees

Fees on transactions from BCC to BTC

BCC Pay Card

Transfer Fees on all transactions – for instance you send BCC to someone or BTC

Auto Trades

Exchanges – look at 10 exchanges and there are 10 different prices for BTC – auto bot trading buying lower and selling back to higher immediately 365 24/7

HitBtc Tranactions

Trading means any form of movement with the currency and transaction

Bitconnect VISA card being released and fees there on transactions:

(Look at BitPay and the billions they have earned on fees thus far)

I have never met or spoken with someone who has not earned money from bitcoin. Vo

Trading on the volatility Higher Volatility the Higher the Profits.
Buoyancy Software: – you bank has been doing it since 2010.

BANKS – Look at their overhead and how much they pay to run brick and mortar operations, employees, buildings rental, electric, internet, gas, insurance to name a few – Billions in bills every every month.

Bitconnect – no overhead – goes straight to you.

Make Better Sense Now?

BCC PAY opens December 1st

Michael Crypto covers the exciting unfolding world of Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies, ICOs, and Blockchain Technology rules, laws and world movements in crypto exchanges.

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Security Measures to protect your Bitcoin and other Cryptos

1.     use SRWARE IRON as your browser
2.     use ProtonMail
3.     use JAXX wallet or Exodus use multiple wallets
4.     keep your bitcoin on a ledger wallet offline 
5.     only use 1 computer for crypto and another computer for emails and other work
6.     use another phone for security measures with your authenticators
7.     never use your regular phone number for security with crypto
8.     never use that phone ever to make calls
9.     turn off the wifi when you are not at the computer
10 have your bitcoin on a paper wallet
11 restrict your phone with your carrier – its impossible to make changes
with a phone call – you have to enter in person with ID and Passcode
12 use password sentences instead of passwords
13 get a good anti-virus (Avira or Bitdefender) if you use Mac. Most
stolen cryptos are from OS X and iOS.
14 save cryptos in multiple of wallets
15 most cryptos are not stolen they are lost by forgetting passwords
16 never carry around a lot of crypto on your phone – its just like cash

Great Articles about Bitcoin: Search: and for news

Watch this Video about Bitcoin:

Why Bitcoin Should Be in Your Retirement Portfolio

Barron’ (Wall Street) report on Auto Bots.

Despite Naysayers the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain Chugs Forward

Czech National Bank: “Don’t Be Afraid of Bitcoin”

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Disclaimer: There is risk involved in trading, mining, lending and investing in cryptocurrency. Michael Crypto does not take any responsibility for any losses that may occur. Michael Crypto does not give financial advise. These videos are for informational and entertainment purposes only.

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