Rating cryptocurrency. Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

Rating cryptocurrency. Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

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Rating cryptocurrency. Top 10 Cryptocurrencies
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The cryptocurrency market is still very young and therefore very volatile. Cryptocurrency rating is constantly changing and in order to keep up it is necessary to constantly monitor all the changes on the market. Today we present an updated cryptocurrency rating.
– Bitcoin
Cryptocurrency rating is traditionally headed by the Bitcoin. Even the beginner in the cryptoworld has heard about Bitcoin. The price for the coin is now around 00 for 1 BTC and the marketcap of Bitcoin is about billion for the moment.
– Ethereum
Ethereum is also not ceding ground in the cryptocurrency rating. It became particularly popular on the wave of ICOs, which began this spring. Ethereum (ETH) market capitalization, despite the current overall correction of all cryptocurrencies, is almost billion.
– Ripple
Our cryptocurrency rating gives the third place to Ripple. Basically Ripple is a real-time gross settlement system (RTGS), currency exchange and money transfers system. The tokens are called XRP. The marketcap of Ripple exceeds billion.
– Litecoin
Not to be missed in our cryptocurrency rating – the Litecoin with the market capitalization of more than billion. Litecoin is the Bitcoin’s second fork and has only slight differs from it.
Ethereum Classic, Dash and NEM
These three cryptocurrencies are respectively fifth, sixth and seventh in terms of marketcap and are surely included in our cryptocurrency rating. Ethereum Classic appeared as a result of disagreement with the “The DAO” hard fork accepted by Ethereum Foundation. Dash, the cryptocurrency, formerly named Darkcoin and XCoin, was created in January 2014 and now is holding strong positions. NEM cryptocurrency began its development in 2016 and since then it has gained a high popularity in Japan. The market capitalization of each currency exceeds $ 1 billion.
– IOTA, Monero and BitConnect
IOTA, Monero and BitConnect close our cryptocurrency rating. During the July’s correction IOTA suffered more than others from the Top-10, the coin’s price has decreased by more than 40%. Monero with the token named XRP is not ceding ground and takes 9th place. The BitConnect, with the market capitalization of 5 million, is now in the 10th place of the cryptocurrency rating.
Cryptocurrency rating is unstable and if you want to get news first, then watch our releases. After all, if everyone knows the information, then it is already obsolete.
More about E-Dinar Coin (EDC): https://goo.gl/jPkRNH
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