Cryptocurrencies may suffer bitter experience of tulip mania

Cryptocurrencies may suffer bitter experience of tulip mania

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Bitcoin continues to hit new all-record highs. Today the digital currency surged by more than 6%.
Bitcoin quotes approached the level of 12,500 dollars. This time, the cryptocurrency gained ground on the back of news about plans of the Chicago Board Options Exchange to introduce cryptocurrency futures for trading on the 10th of December.
Let us remind that the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the US biggest derivatives market, is going to provide trading cryptocurrencies starting from 18th of December.
Ethereum, the cryptocurrency with the second largest capitalization, is weakening today, trading near the level of 451 dollars 57 cents. Experts are still skeptical about the cryptocurrency market, calling it a fraudsters’ trick. Remarkably, it happens more frequently that digital money is stolen which poses risks to bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market as a whole.
Some analysts remind investors about the Tulip mania, predicting that bitcoin may suffer the same fate.

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