Crypto Weekend Update. SELLING NEO! Bitcoin 3600

Crypto Weekend Update. SELLING NEO! Bitcoin 3600

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THis looks like it will be a great weekend for cryptocurrencies. we have Bitcoin shooting for 3700 and Ethereum back on the rise around 310. litecoin is holding steady as she goes at 47. I am getting all out of NEO and ready to invest all of it into Bitconnect to earn that trading bots 1% a day with the gains. I think that there are definitely going to be some cryptocurrencies out there and some to stay away from. I heard about a new cryptocurrency called bitlake and it isdefinintely a scam. nobody can earn 10% a day and not be a ponzi scheme and they even say in their FAQ that they dont return your capital. AKA if they get no more capital they stop paying out 10% a day.

one that is not a scam is Bitconnect. they have a legit trading bot

also here is my bitcoin wallet address

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