Crypto Currency Talk 9/15/2017 – Live Chat

Crypto Currency Talk 9/15/2017 – Live Chat

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Update on the programs I am involved in and some new ones too

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My options to make money with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

BitConnect is a program that you buy BitConnect tokens using Bitcoin. BitConnect (BCC) is listed in top 20 of cryptocurrencies worth over 0 million dollars.The BCC is then lent out to the trading bot BitConnect has that makes trades on the volatility of the Bitcoin for the day. You get payments every 24 hours that have been averaging above 1% per day. That daily payment is yours to withdraw or you can reinvest for new loans of increments.
Here is a link to a step by step guide with screenshots on how to make a loan here –

There is 4 levels of loans as you can see in the photo:
-0 – 00- You get paid the % amount the bot makes for the day and your loan money is returned to you in 299 days
-10 – 00 – You get paid the Daily % plus a guaranteed bonus of 0.1% and your loan money is returned to you in 239 days
-10 – 000 – You get paid the Daily % plus a guaranteed bonus of 0.2% and your loan money is returned to you in 179 days
-010 – 0000 – You get paid the Daily % plus a guaranteed bonus of 0.25% and your loan money is returned to you in only 0 days

USI-Tech is a software company that started in just Forex trading for high net worth customers. They now have a Bitcoin investment product available to everyone starting at just 50 Euros to buy in and get 1 Bitcoin investment package. This program is special because your investment and all the interest returns are paid out in Bitcoin. You will not only be getting paid interest but you are also participating in the growth of Bitcoin too.

The daily interest is not guaranteed but averages 0.75% – 1.25% per working day. While they do not guarantee the rate everyday they do guarantee that your investment is active until you receive 140% percent. Everyday you receive Bitcoin that includes the return of your investment and the interest till 140% is paid which averages 140 working(business) days.
Still investigating but looks very promising – In ICO still and highly risky at this point but may be a main competitor to BitConnect with similar lending type platform based on their own cryptocurrency.
Suggestion now is to sign up it is free and maybe buy some coins in the ICO as a gamble but much more to learn about this one before going crazy investing

The Chain Group
Still investigating but looks good. Mixing a escrow company that provides some insurance with cryptocurrency investments. Dragon Foundation is paying almost 3% a day.

BeQyck – This One can be started for free with no Investment needed at all get you free seat on the bus today!- huge potential. Set to go public with their coin any day now – Don’t miss this one. See current price at – Need to be a free member to buy still now.
Direct link to signup –

-Here is the best if you don’t want to make videos:
Easy program that creates capture pages, landing pages, autoresponsers, lead source – SO much in one spot and all with no webpage creation knowledge

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