Caviar ICO Overview – Hedging Risk with Real Estate and Crypto

Caviar ICO Overview – Hedging Risk with Real Estate and Crypto

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Their project:

Caviar, a dual purpose investment in a single token, created to combine cryptocurrencies and real estate. Token holders can enjoy a diversified risk adjusted portfolio with exposure to both stable real estate assets and select cryptocurrencies and tokens with the aim or maximizing ROI while hedging against market downturns. Token holders will earn 75% of the company’s profits, and part of the profits are used to buy back tokens, increase their value and provide more liquidity.
The way caviar wants to achieve their goals is by combining investments in fast appreciating crypto assets with income generating short term loans that are backed by actual real estate in the USA, and other countries in the future. This strategy of dual market exposure through a single tokens aims to hedge risk so your portfolio can grow quickly but move closer in line with the market, or have a lower beta. Beta is essentially a measure of how closely a stock or asset moves with the market. With beta closer to 1, if the market moves up by 10%, the portfolio will also move 10%, and if the beta is 2 the portfolio would essentially be twice as volatile as the market.

The caviar system also doubles as a crowdfunding platform for real estate developers, so developers can raise funds for their project development and token holders ca earn additional profit. A small break down of the real estate loans shows the average loan term is 6 months with the average deal at 0,000 with an Internal Rate of Return at 16% per year. Caviar has implemented a proprietary Intelligence Predictive Model which can forecast bin the short and long term projection timesales and price forecasting using historical data and a mixture of time invariant qualitative and quantitative analysis.

The Caviar is doing a tokensale, so lets break down the ICO details. The total supply of CAV tokens is 375 million, with 85% of them being allocated to the ico participants. 12% of the tokens are allocated to the team, and 3% for bounties. The CAV tokens in the ICO start at a price of {videoDescription}.10 and the ICO funding target is M.
The use of proceeds is as follows is 80% allocated to the portfolio, 10% for legal and administrative, 5% for technology development and 5% in a reserve fund. If you want to participate I the tokensale you can sign up and receive early bonuses at

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