Canadian Govt Forces Flash-Crash Opportunity + Crypto-Currencies | Lior Ganz

Canadian Govt Forces Flash-Crash Opportunity + Crypto-Currencies | Lior Ganz

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If we hold justifiably grave concerns about the unacceptable risks inherent in our teetering debt-based fiat monetary system, plus geopolitical tensions, and cyber-attacks – are we forced to choose between the safety of a “hunker down bunker mentality” of gold & silver stacking vs. the perilous skating on the thin ice of pumped up bubble markets and bewildering crypto-currencies to not miss out on current income and future gains?

Entrepreneur and editor of The Wealth Research Group, Lior Ganz, returns to Reluctant Preppers to update us on a startling unique price distortion forced by the Canadian Government, creating an unprecedented opportunity. Ganz then lays out the three-layered financial fortress strategy that provides not only real protection, but intentionally lays the groundwork for cashflow income and transformational growth. Finally, Ganz weighs in on Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, before revealing what he is personally investing in now, plus shares a number of free reports available to our viewers.


====== IN THIS INTERVIEW =========
– Why is the Canadian Government Forcing Fund GDXJ to Rebalance, And Why Should You Care?

– Layering you Financial Fortress to provide:
– Protection,
– Income, and
– Growth

– Crypto-Currencies: Mainia or mainstay?

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