BITCOIN & ALT COIN Cryptocurrencies Are CRASHING So What Do You Do?

BITCOIN & ALT COIN Cryptocurrencies Are CRASHING So What Do You Do?

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What do you do when Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are crashing?

Do you hold or sell to minimize your losses?

Well, it really depends on the situation, and in this cryptocurrency market it’s looking like a simple correction in the total market cap due to some laws over in South Korea along with some massive financial crypto “whales” as most people call them are taking money out of the markets.

So in a time like this the best thing to do is to hold until the waves settle and the tide clears because if you panic sell for a loss and the markets recorrect then you’re going to be kicking yourself in the butt when your favorite cryptocurrency rises again.

If anything now is a great time to buy because it’s at a low point so you never want to buy at all time highs, keep it simple. Buy on the dips and sell on the peaks.

Watch this video where I talk more about what to do in times that bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are dropping:

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