$100 A Day Trading Cryptocurrencies on Bittrex EPIC FAIL Tutorial!

0 A Day Trading Cryptocurrencies on Bittrex EPIC FAIL Tutorial!

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Starting to trade digital currencies on Bittrex is easy! Making a strategy that consistently earns money every day is much more challenging! Enjoy a funny tutorial where I set out to make 0 a day exchanging cryptocurrencies on Bittrex.com only to end up with an EPIC FAIL where I am down 6 having lost 0.06 Bitcoin in just an hour and a half trading on Stratis and GEO where I lose big followed by a couple of small profits on Ethereum and TenX Pay Token or PAY! I made this guide to getting started trading crypto on Bittrex with the hope it is both educational in showing how to make the trades and entertaining watching me lose money! The best cryptocurrency investment I see in August 2017 is putting money in Steem which is where I have the majority of my current portfolio as you can see at https://steemit.com/@jerrybanfield where blogging is the new mining!

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