Why I stopped trading Binary Options on Cantor Exchange

Why I stopped trading Binary Options on Cantor Exchange

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This is why I have stopped trading binary options on the Cantor Exchange and the reason why is due to the so called inverted pricing on the cantor exchange limit orders. Last night I bought 10 contracts on a 68 cent EOD 1.0835 call and put in a 89 cent limit sell order. 1/2 hour later my order ITM by 15 – 20 Pips was sold for 11 cemt ( 57 cent lost per contract on a profitable order ). Seems inverted pricing does not apply to limit orders guys and gals.

What actually happened is my 89 cent sell order was changed into an 11 cents call order ( not inverted pricing actually inverted order IMO ). So everyone be aware that there is no inverted pricing on Limit orders submitted to close on the Cantor Exchange and you should set them up like on Nadex. This is not documented on Cantor exchange nor Ryan’s video where he bought at 37 and put in a limit order at 47 to get him out. On that video his SELL order is changed to a CALL at 53 ( Inverted order ).

I am not certain how a order to PUT at 89 cents to close a CALL ended up an order to buy at 11 cents to close my CALL order but it did. I never typed 11 those numbers are not in 89.

IMO this was not confusion on my part it is an order flow issue. My order to sell at 11 cents never reached the exchange. What was posted was a CALL order at 11 cents ( Inverted order ) not inverted pricing. I have been a very big advocate of Cantor but this was unacceptable and is not documented on their site. Be advised that this can happen on the platform as it stands and do not be ” confused ” . The result is ITM orders can be snapped up by Market makers at a HUGE discount just like what happened to me. Who wouldn’t buy an 11 cent Call for a contract 15+ Pips ITM that I just finished paying 68 cents for a while back. Good news to whoever got it because the day ended 60 Pips or more above that strike that it never touched since I entered the trade.

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