Volume Spread Analysis VSA trading 05 Cantor Exchange Binary Options

Volume Spread Analysis VSA trading 05 Cantor Exchange Binary Options

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Fifth in our series on Volume Spread Analysis sometimes called VSA. Again trying to put it all together and take another VSA Trade. I am going to take a live trade using our custom indicator Audacious volume and momentum in the market at the time. This trade is also on the Cantor exchange a small but growing Binary options exchange regulated by the CFTC and available in the USA.

This trade was Volume spread analysis along with understanding what markets were opening at the time later in the day. This was a USDJPY trade that I took one contract on and was honestly a bit to early trading off the wick. When I saw that both momentum and volume continued on I reversed my trade because you can do that when trading this kind of product in the USA and I took the side of where there was the most momentum and volume. Green volume on our Audacious volume indicator led me to know at a glance that volume was high but still had potential to grow. That is why I reversed and you can see the result. Volume spread analysis uncovers orders and no matter what a market maker wants to go where there are orders to be filled.

VSA looks at measuring the characteristics of volume and price action in the markets in order to locate cycles. Richard Wyckoff was a true inspiration for how we look at VSA and do our volume spread analysis although Mr. Wyckoff’s work is over 90 years old now as we see it. Wykoff done a great job of explaining market manipulation and how to spot the hidden foot prints and intent of the larger players in any given market regardless of your are trading binary options,forex, futures etc. . Even though volume spread analysis has been around so long it is still very relevant today just like the topic of life on Mars from the song we listen to in this video. VSA is one of the most powerful concepts to add into your toolbox in this modern error where 73% of the markets are controlled by algorithms.

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