TheBeast Indicator V6. Binary Options. High ITM.(94%ITM 8 weeks)

TheBeast Indicator V6. Binary Options. High ITM.(94%ITM 8 weeks)

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– This video show 5 strategy Testers since 1 Januray 2016 from TheBeast Indicator V6.
– Max ITM rate 96%.
– TheBeast V6 Indicator is a complex Indicator with :

– Wiliams Percent Range.WPR.
– Relative Streng Index.RSI.
– Commodity Chanels Indix.CCI.
– Money Flow Index.MFI.
– DeMaker.
– Relative Streng Index 2.RSI Filter.
– Trend and Force Index.
– Bears and Bulls.
– Double Moving Average.MA.
– Bollinger Bands.BB.
– TheBeast Indicator now add Volumen Reversal Indicator.
I have created a mathematical algorithm with volumen in this indicator.
– 11 Indicators to show tendencie in Multi Timeframe.1M,5M,15M,30M,H1.
MultiSignal Indicators:WPR, CCI, RSI, MFI, Demaker, Double SMA Cross, Parabolic SAR, MACD, Momentum, Moving Average, Oscillator, and ADX.

– Filters:

– Time filter with hours and minutes to show only signals in specified time. Very useful for strategy tester. Backtesting.
– Every indicator can be Disable and enable.
– Alert and different arrow (White) after custom OTMs. Disable and enable.
– Graphics on screen Disable/enable.
– Statical data.(Money Management simulation) Disable/enable.
– All data in mode text. Disable/enable.
– MultiSignals Arrows.Disable/Enable.

– Martingale and Compounding Simulation. Custom levels and amounts.

Choose your own strat, with indicators that you prefer and best settings, also choose the hours when you usually trade or best time that you think is the best for your settings, and your Money Management if you want trade with “x” levels Martingale or Compounding. Launch strategy tester in Metatrader and you will see how works your strat.

Metatrader 4. Backtesting. Binary Options. High ITM.8 weeks.Multi Pair.94%ITM 87%ITM 86%ITM 76%ITM.

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