Gold Digger Review by Binary Option Sheriff

Gold Digger Review by Binary Option Sheriff

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It is very rare that good Apps come on the market of Binary Option Trading. Although we are not endorsing this product without asking Traders to do further due diligence – we have evidence from real testimonials that Gold Digger is not a Scam.

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There is yet another new Binary Option Software called GoldDigger.Trade. The name itself sends out alarm bells but Is The GoldDigger a scam Binary Option AutoTrader or is it a legitimate trading Signals software?


“if you put a gun to my head and ask what is the only true way to make money, I would tell you nothing comes close to GOLD”…….. We thought that this is a pretty dramatic statement, as we know, drama is a great way of creating interest…

The graphics are the first thing that we notice. They have a good feel to them, almost reminiscent of the 24option website, which is an elitist platform to trade on . But the overall voice that is pitching for this Binary Option Signal software sounds, like a paid actor, which does not necessarily make it a scam or fraudulent Signal Software but it does not instill the confidence it should.

So we focus on the content of GoldDigger.Trade. This is an innovative Binary Option software that can turn a few dollars into huge thousands. The pitch is good and a lot of the information given is fairly correct.

Gold has been proven over years to be an asset that is generally withstanding any financial and political crisis. It is also a very volatile asset and unless this signal software is finely tuned, it could easily crumble your invested capital. The pitch also mentions oil, which for many years had been on an uptrend but has now been defeated and deflated with politics. Mixed statements.

Another attractive upsell that seems odd is that the trading software and auto trader converts your capital into a leveraged 400:1 investment . This is the “loop-hole” that GoldDigger.Trade promises to turn a little cash investment into a huge profit. Although leverages do exist in regular currency and asset trading, we feel that this sales pitch may be potentially too good to be true. It has not yet been used in Binary Options Trading. As we know leverage is a double edged sword.


The Russian Rocket scientists, no less, are our next focus.. Who are Antony Kemble and Ronald Kravchuk? Rocket Engineers – from Mother Russia – who write software in their spare time. We do a little bit of digging around them, and this is what we find:

Google image search for Antony Kemble and Ronald Kravchuk shows with quite a few websites connected to Trading Software including My Concepts online., and
These guys are definitely not new to the Trading business. They are not hired actors from Fiverr. We do not find any other identification confirmation on sites such as LinkedIn – they could be stage names.

We check their history and it seems that their previous software which is the GPS Robot – some 9 years old (hey these are bright kids – even if they were barely 20 when they became Rocket engineers) does exist. It was created by Mark Larsen and Antony and Ronald themselves. This site has had positive reviews – so there is some truth here. They are also really endorsed by


The sales pitch and the solidity of gold is strong and sound. The feeling around this Binary Option robot software is convincing, especially because it is a free software, no gimmicks. Investment in the recommended platform which is your cost and capital. BUT although there is no question on the solidity of gold, which is the pivot selling point, the actual sales pitch is about a binary option software which may or may not behave as advertised.

We plan to put an investment ourselves in the next few days, and give you conclusive evidence of our results. In the meantime we give a 3.5 sheriff star rating, and invite anyone who has tried it to leave a comment until we have conclusive evidence as to its success or failure.

UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 2015. The results and reviews on various trusted sites such as BinaryOptions Watchdog have now confirmed that GoldDigger.Trade is not a scam and is approved by the Sheriff.

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