Enter the “Iron Butterfly” Strategy – Nadex *Read the Description*

Enter the “Iron Butterfly” Strategy – Nadex *Read the Description*

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In this video I cover one of my favorite strategies for Nadex binary options strategies, the “Iron Butterfly”.

This is a slightly edited version of the video originally published on January 10, 2015. Enjoy!

Please Note: In the video I show some images and make reference to Apex Deviation levels, the Apex Stop Trigger and Apex Binary Spread Scanner. It is important to note and understand that these tools are the creations of Darrell Martin and APEX Investing institute and I recommend you go straight to the source at www.apexinvesting.com to learn how to use the tools. As an active trader I use these tools every day and can assist in guidance of use with the tools but please know that you need to go to Apexinvesting.com to get them and fully learn how to implement and use them. Apex investing also has a vibrant trading community and excellent forum with over 500 hours of free education.

The majority of what I have learned comes from Apex Investing and Darrell Martin. Its important to acknowledge our influences and friends!

Please know this video is all suggestive and for educational/blog purposes only. Trading futures and options involves risk and you can lose money. All trading decisions you make are yours, and yours alone. Please seek outside council on all financial decisions.

Thank you.

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