Auto Binary Signals 2014 Review The most detailed review on YouTube

Auto Binary Signals 2014 Review The most detailed review on YouTube

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About Auto Binary Signals EA
Auto Binary Signals is a signal service which is probably is the most advertised EA signal service for binary options trading. As such, it is also the product which is widely used by many traders. However, the feedback from real users is mixed. Some use the basic versions, others decide for upgrades and trade on the different level with different strategies. But in any case, as the product is heavily advertised with over 80% win rate in binary options trading, the results rarely meet the advertised win percentage.

With Auto Binary Signals EA the signals are constantly generated and the decision upon which signal you will place the trade and what expiry time you will select is left up completely to you. The basic version will not give you the exact guidelines, and with markets rapidly changing there is a big difference if you choose a 15 minute or 60 minutes expiry on the long-term signals. Signals are based on five different indicators, which are processed by autobinary algorithms and will give you the alerts and percentage probability for the trend predictions. As good as it sounds, entering immediately upon the signal in the direction of the trend prediction will in the long term yield poor results.

On the other hand Auto Binary Signals can produce good trading results if they are used properly. To be able to understand how to use the signals (the basic version) you have to understand what the signal is actually signaling. In most cases the signals will provide an alert upon the price breakout of the certain asset. These breakouts can be the trend or range breakouts and can be based on short-term or long-term trend expectancy. So it is important to know how to read the signal an apply your own trading system or strategy upon the breakout. To be able to do so, you should really have some basic knowledge of reading the stock market graphs and understand the price action which is occurring in these breakouts.

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