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Thank you for taking the time out to view the preview of our TRADING CALCULATOR. My name is Eddy Wilfred and I am a currency strategist in BINARY OPTIONS AND FOREX. I am here to talk to you about a trading calculator. I will explain what it is, the importance of using it, and enlighten you on how you can utilize our unique tool in your everyday trading to keep track of your performance and easily compare it to your year-end goal, but at today’s pace.Trading calculator allows the user to not only have an outlook on their investment goals over a period of time, but also provide the functionality of presenting daily and weekly objectives on a compounding basis.

The Trade Calculator is a device that is connected to your PC but before it start working, you will insert a drive which will be run to enable the installation, once it is installed successful and is ready, a dynamic interface will appear then you will fill in your trading information’s such as brokers name, your user name and your password etc then a connectivity with your broker and your account will authenticate for trading, it is so easy using the trade calculator, because it is an auto trade platform, a green transmitting light will notify you when to trade and indicate the best asset to trade on at your time frame (30-60sec/min etc). once you start trading with this amazing device you will be free from every doom of failure. it generate 116+ trading signals regularly and with the trade calculator decoder you will hit 87.9% profit margin on binary option works with every broker both existing and new account..but before you apply, the trading account must be synchronized..if you are able to invest huge capital you definitely climax because with the IUC/Hi Speed transfer of this device, you will make 75% withdrawal from your trading account balance without restriction or error occurrence, with the balance you have now in your trading account will earn approximately 97%profit once you apply the device.

No longer trade just to be active, trade with a purpose to meet your daily, weekly, and/or yearly goals. With our unique trading calculator you can type in your initial investment along with the percentage return you are looking to meet over a daily, weekly, and/or monthly time frame. You can automatically scroll to the bottom page and see that if I stay on a daily or weekly pace meeting or exceeding my capital goal, I will be on pace to meet my Z objective.

All you have to do is type in the date and the real capital change for that time frame and see the outcome of your trading pace. See if you are behind, on, or ahead of track as time progresses. It is really that easy! .

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And as an added bonus i will give out my ultimate strategy to whoever purchases this software

Note:This is for novice trader start small.lets say 500 usd.

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