What Are Binary Options

Binary trading is one of the most straightforward and profitable forms of online trading available to retail investors. What are binary options? Binary options are limited risk financial instruments that allow traders to speculate on the future value of various financial assets with up to an 85% return for successful investments.

One of the newest, most straightforward forms of online trading involves trading binary options. What are binary options, you ask.

Binary options are limited-risk financial instruments that enable investors to speculate on whether the value of an individual stock, stock index, forex pair and/or commodity will increase or decrease within a certain pre-determined period of time. A successful investment can yield up to an 85% return in less than 10 minutes.

Binary trading is similar to investing in futures in that it allows traders to profit by predicting the future value of a specific financial asset.

The best way to understand what binary options are is to imagine them as contracts between two people that stipulate that A will pay B an amount equal to X if a certain financial asset is above (or below – depending on B’s choice) Price Y by Time Z. So, for example, A agrees to pay B $200 if the Euro-US Dollar rate is above 1.3455 by 13:00 GMT today.

Binary trading is a simplified version of financial investing in that it takes an activity that usually involves a myriad decisions and boils it down to one very basic decision: Will a certain financial asset increase or decrease in the immediate future.

Binary options are what many people have chosen to invest in during the recent economic turmoil given their simplicity and limited-risk nature.

Since the most one stands to lose in a binary trading transaction is the amount invested (or the price of the contract, which is equivalent to the amount invested), traders can limit their exposure to risk by being able to control losses – unlike stock options and other forms of investment, for example.

Moreover, binary options can be an effective hedging tool when used in conjunction with other financial instruments. For example, traders can help reduce risk exposure by simultaneously opening a long forex position and executing a binary put on the same forex pair so, in the case that the forex position is closed at a loss, there is still a chance that the binary position will finish in-the-money.

Beyond risk management, binary trading can be very lucrative when properly carried out. What are binary options payouts like, you ask. Traders can earn up to 85% of their investment (or the price of the binary trading contract) in as little as 10 minutes time. That means that an investment of $100 can yield a profit of up to $85 in less than 10 minutes. As compared with other forms of financial trading, binary options clearly stand out above the rest in their ability to provide quick and profitable returns.

Binary trading is definitely worth looking into for anyone with an interest in learning to profit from the financial markets. Knowing what binary options are and how they can help you profit from your investing activities is the first step towards becoming a better investor.

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