What’s Inside of my $3000 Robinhood Stock Account| August 2017

What’s Inside of my 00 Robinhood Stock Account| August 2017

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Here’s a look at what stocks I currently hold in my Robinhood Portfolio. Please like, share and subscribe for more content! Let me know in the comments below what stocks you guys have or what else I should buy. A lot of my subscribers and commenters seem to really like these portfolio updates, so I am going to continue to preview my portfolio whenever I buy or sell new stocks, add more money, or there are some dramatic changes to my portfolio.

Also to note this is simply my personal portfolio, I would not recommend completely copying me and buying the same exacts stocks. Every stock in my portfolio I bought at a specific time for a specific reason, and it may be too late to buy many of these stocks. Always do your own research before buying any stocks on the market, never just copy what other people are doing.

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Disclaimer: I am not a market professional, and investing in the stock market is inherently risky and should always be done with caution. In no way am I affiliated with Robinhood or any other companies while making this video. This video is only for educational purposes and you are investing at your own risk, only invest what you are willing to lose.

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