Stock Trend – How to find out in Just 2 Mins | HINDI

Stock Trend – How to find out in Just 2 Mins | HINDI

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Stock Trend plays very crucial role in the profit or loss during Swing or Intraday trading. The position taken during swing trade or intraday trade should in the direction of the stock trend.

For example, if the stock is in the uptrend the traders or investors should take only BUY position the stock. On the contrary, if the stock is in downtrend then only SELL position is suitable.

To identify a stock trend, 40 days Exponential Moving Average and Bollinger Bands play a very crucial role. With the help of these 2 technical indicators, traders can very easily identify the stock trend and can take position easily.

Lastly, during uptrend the stock price trade above 40 days EMA and during a downtrend, stock price trade below 40 EMA.

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