Stock Review – Patriot One Technologies Inc(PTOTF) – Update March 2018

Stock Review – Patriot One Technologies Inc(PTOTF) – Update March 2018

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The second video for Patriot One Technologies Stock.

here is the link to part one videos. detailed stock analysis of Patriot
One Technologies.

Is Patriot One Technologies Stock is a Buy? Check out the video for short yet detailed analysis of the Patriot One Technologies.

Stock Review – Patriot One Technologies Inc(PTOTF) BUY, SELL or HOLD in 2018?

Patriot One has been developed and tested, is an innovative radar technology and software solution providing first responders and security personnel valuable time in Active Threat scenarios. The technology offers stand-off detection of concealed threats typically employed in public locations. What makes Patriot One’s technology unique is its “cognitive” ability to detect guns and knives as well as to assess threats. The system is trained prior to installation and continues to learn upon deployment, getting better and smarter at detecting hidden weapons with each screening instance. The device is called PATSCAN.

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NFORCED Patriot One Newsletter: Volume 8

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