SKS in Archangel Stock-Final thoughts and why not to buy it!

SKS in Archangel Stock-Final thoughts and why not to buy it!

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These are my final thoughts re: SKS in Archangel stock:
1. No bayonet accommodation
2. Zero, I repeat: it is 21st century and it has ZERO railing (picatinny) system
3. Not an easy fit for gas tube cover
4. Handgrip is placed too far into the rear from the trigger group
5. Stock is not foldable (for some it is an advantage)
6. It is one of the MOST pricey tactical stocks for SKS
7. Cheek riser works only if you are a short guy and the stock is in collapsed position. Moreover, it is done in a way that only front piece rises and not the rear piece where you cheek is = fail
8. 5kg of weight (11+ pounds), seriously, guys, what kind of tactical stock is it if it weighs same or even more than an original wood stock? = Fail
9. Finally, why this stock fails-is the stupid piece of non-removable plastic, which doesn’t allow you to field strip the rifle, unless you disassemble the whole gun including a trigger group. = Fail x10

1. Plastic is of very very high/ extreme quality
2. QD points are very high quality and variety (total=5)
3. Handgrip has a good storage for your original cleaning kit (without a cap)
4. Butstock is of good shape/ quality and it has 6 collapsible positions. it allows you to use tactical buttstock ammo holder/ storage without any mods, for SHTF, for example
5. Fits Tapco mags without any problems
6. Fits most Russian SKS rifles without any problems, except gas tube cover (see above)
7. Handgrip is one piece with the rest of the stock-no stupid screws

The following mods were done to the SKS Archangel Stock:
1. Cut through the front QD point/ stock to accommodate for a bayonet. QD point was still functional. Hey after all, if no bayonet, how an SKS it is after all? 🙂 I originally had a bipod instead of a bayonet, but it is not recommended to put any bipods to the barrel of the rifle, really
2. A custom picatinny rail installed behind the bayonet to specifically accommodate picatinny rail soft grips. It was done for the sake of grip and grip only. It was not done for any bubba style front grips/ tactical lights/ laser and other IMHO bizarre things- thing what the enemy will shoot first… correct-the source of light-which will arrive to your head really
3. Angled high grade aircraft custom made aluminum extended Mag release with thumb mod, just like Tapco plastic extended mag release. this was ordered from US and then modified

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