Is PANDORA Stock a BUY?? Down 25% in 1 MONTH!!! (AWOF)

Is PANDORA Stock a BUY?? Down 25% in 1 MONTH!!! (AWOF)

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*** Hey guys I just realized that part of my video got deleted when editing where I briefly spoke about Pandora subscriber numbers so here is just a couple things to note: Pandora had a subscriber growth year over year in the last quarter of 20% and they have 500,000 trial starts for Pandora Premium. Subscription revenue also increased 19% year over year. Spotify has over 140 million monthly active users (June 2017) while Pandora has 81 million (Feb 2017). Spotify also has over 50 million paid subscribers while Pandora has over 4 million. Sorry for not having that in the video!!

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In this video I talk about Amazon Stock and whether it is a buy after dropping 17% in 1 week and 25% in 1 month!!!

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