Insider Trading – Coca Cola – Stock Market News

Insider Trading – Coca Cola – Stock Market News

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Who is buying and selling coca cola?
Stocks for Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (COKE), one of the largest independent bottlers of The Coca-Cola Company’s (KO) products, reported adjusted earnings of 45 cents per share in the first quarter of fiscal 2017.

hi everyone its Lynette Zeng chief market analyst here at ITM Trading a full-service physical precious metals gold and silver brokerage house so in insider trading today here you can see and Carlee put up it okay so we’re doing something to so bear with me right now but you can see that the that the insider trading for every dollars worth of buys in finance $ itself $ a buy in technology to a hundred and nineteen dollars and selling consumer services $. and business services . dollar to now those are some pretty good numbers there we can see that the insiders are definitely going away but what I also want you to see is that I picked happen to pick coca-cola so if anybody wants me to do a particular stock let me know I’ll do it it doesn’t really matter and you can see on there that in the last three months for every $ worth of buying there were nine thousand six hundred seventy two dollars and cents worth of selling in the meantime the stock is going up on declining volume do you think that the coca-cola insiders board’s a director CEOs CFOs do they know something about coca-cola that you do not know this is how you look at it also in different ways that you can manipulate or manage the markets to your benefit okay well let’s start talking about some scandals here because I don’t know where else they sit and I think this is a perfect place so Wells Fargo is accused of making improper changes to mortgages that after they stole over million identities do you see a pattern here because the pattern should be pretty clear this morning Barclays some CEOs some high-level people at Barclays have been have been charged with fraud now goes back to the crisis and then stuff is still coming up do you really think that anything has been settled because it hasn’t and what was particularly interesting to me is when they started talking about it in the video they were bringing up the Forex of rigging manipulation between Barclays UBS Royal Bank of Scotland Bank of American JPMorgan Chase and City I mean why anybody trusts what it says on that TV or in the computer oh this is what stocks are worth this is what bonds are words this is what gold is worth there is no real price discovery in these markets these markets are fiction augmented reality and the big reason is because of central bank behavior so the Swiss central bank blames the strong currency for weak growth what does that really mean that means that they are doing their best to remove value from that currency now if you are corporation and you are exporting so that your exports look cheaper maybe that’s a good thing but if you have to use the Swiss franc or the US dollar or any of them because they’re all doing the same thing well then guess what that means that you are working for something that has less and less and less value until confidences loss has no value at all this is why you need to have gold and silver physically outside of the system to avoid all of these different abuses and more so understand that it is very easy to move these markets in any way that they want to and it doesn’t matter which one you’re looking at they’re all forms of they might call it Manette management I call it manipulation that’s it for today so like us on facebook follow us on Twitter if you like this give us a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to our You Tube channel but mostly give us a call eight eight eight six nine six four six five three and be safe out there bye bye

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