Daily 2-Minute Chart Study #501: Monthly Chart RSI 50 Rejection

Daily 2-Minute Chart Study #501: Monthly Chart RSI 50 Rejection

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In this video we discuss why one needs to be on the look out for potential reversals based on uniform symmetric action at either RSI level of 50, 69.1 or 30.9.

But were do these numbers come from? RSI 69.1, and 30.9 Explained below:

[ Oh, and there is also a discussion about RSI trend-line back test, and uniform activity support, or rejection. ] #Backtest Line

We all know that the Fibonacci constant (the golden mean, God’s ration, Phi, universal constant etc) is 1.618033 or simply 1.618.

From this we get the Fibonacci number of 61.8%

61.8% + 38.2% = 100%

50 x 0.618 = 30.9

50 x 1.38.2 = 69.1

Also, 38.2 divided by 2 = 19.1

50 + 19.1 = 69.1

50 – 19.1 = 30.9

“RSI 50 Level Uniform Support or Rejection”

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“RSI Divergence 2.0 & Uniformity”

“Non Uniformity”


Using RSI + MACD Symmetry/Uniformity


Leonardo Pisano Bigollo

NRG Energy Inc

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