Binary Options Tutor Nugget 03 Binary Options Trading Journal


Binary Options Tutor Nugget 03 Binary Options Trading Journal
This video is all about keeping a binary Options Trading Journal and discussing some of the benefits of doing so. When you have a Binary Options Trading Journal you can track what are better times for you to trade binary options. This may be spotting when you are better focused or when there may happen to be programmed trading that is more in sync with your binary options strategy. You can find out what pairs perform best for you statistically. You can attach charts to these win loss records and find out more than just wins and losses but also what small tweaks you may be able to make that can improve your strategies even more. I also talk about Sample size and how having a longer term vision when it comes to your trading can improve your binary Options trading psychology.

What are some good sample sizes to track your performance on in my opinion. Also I share a sample of 110 of my recent trades to hopefully help some fellow traders understand the realities of doing this type of speculation long term and the need for proper risk management. These are the trades from the video if anyone had trouble watching them.

Recent 10
100 Consecutive trades

Binary Options Trading Journal
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