Paul Mampilly: “Now is the perfect time to start buying stocks”

Paul Mampilly: “Now is the perfect time to start buying stocks”

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Paul Mampilly, editor of one of the fastest growing financial newsletters Profits Unlimited, reveals his bold forecast for the stock market: Dow 50,000.

Paul explains the Dow or DJIA is destined to climb to 50,000 or higher in the years ahead and why now is the perfect moment to start buying stocks. He likens right now to the year 1982 when the greatest bull market in history started, carrying the Dow 1,000% higher.

Two key things happened that drove the bull market forward: the spending habits of the largest generation in history, the baby boomers, and the emergence of new technology such as personal computing that peaked in the Internet bubble. Incomes increased as this wave of consumers reached their peak spending years and the economy grew alongside them. As the economy grew, new technologies arose.

Today, we have an even larger generation, the millennial generation, at 92 million strong that is about to enter their peak spending years. Already this generation is beginning to change the shape of our economy the way the baby boomers did, except there’s even more of them.

We also have the emergence of new technology, like in 1982, with the Internet of Things revolution. This will be the greatest tech revolution of any of our lifetimes, and together these two mega-trends will drive the DJIA to unimaginable heights.

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