How to Invest $100 ๐Ÿ’ต | Investing for Beginners When You Don’t Have a Ton of Money

How to Invest 0 ๐Ÿ’ต | Investing for Beginners When You Don’t Have a Ton of Money

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Have 0 to spare? Alright… Let’s get this party started.

Hereโ€™s how Iโ€™d suggest you start investing with just 0.

And Iโ€™m not talking about just putting that crisp 0 bill into a fancy savings account.

I’m talking about investing it into something that matters.

Back a year or so ago, I caught one of our boys sneaking through my wallet.

And in that moment I might have been a little upset because WHYYYYY Why whyyyyyy do you always have to go through my stuff?

But the conversation that followed went a little something like โ€ฆ

โ€œDADDDD You have 0?โ€

โ€œYesโ€ฆ I have 0โ€


The first time my boys saw 0 in my wallet they thought it was insane.

0 to a kid is a massive amount of money๐Ÿ’ฐ … especially when your allowance is less than 1/10 of that.

So whether 0 is a lot to have in your wallet or just pocket change, with just 0 you CAN start investing.

For realz.

See what I did there. For realz, son.

In my latest video I’m sharing a few quick ways for How to Invest Your First 0.

โ˜…โ˜†โ˜…Hereโ€™s what youโ€™ll learn in this new video:โ˜…โ˜†โ˜…

โ–ถ๏ธŽHow to start investing if youโ€™ve got just 0 with Betterment.

โ–ถ๏ธŽHow you can select your investment goals wisely and attain them.

โ–ถ๏ธŽWhat options Iโ€™d suggest for investing right from your iPhone with an investment app.

โ–ถ๏ธŽHow long it takes to get setup to invest with one of these investment apps. (Spoiler Alert – Itโ€™s SUPER QUICK and easy!)

โ–ถ๏ธŽHow buying books is an investment for your life and well worth the 0 (Idea #5).

โ–ถ๏ธŽWhat some non-traditional ways to invest 0 areโ€ฆ for starters,

โ–ถ๏ธŽBuy a domain for just and get your online business started.

โ–ถ๏ธŽWhy I think that investing in your spouse could be the BEST 0.

โ˜…โ˜†โ˜…Resources Mentioned in Video:โ˜…โ˜†โ˜…

Best Investment Platform Where They Choose Investments for You:


Best Investment Platforms Where you Choose Investments:



Micro-Investing Platform:


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