Great Advice for Young Investors [Investing for beginners]

Great Advice for Young Investors [Investing for beginners]

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One of the best decisions you can make early on is to start investing. If you start early, your money is going to grow into a small fortune by the time you have a house and family.

Find great business paying a good dividend and let your money work for you! Time is the most powerful force in investing and life in general so use it wisely.

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Investing for all is a project seeking to provide basic information about how and where to invest in stock market. The stock market is a safe place to put your money and has given great returns over hundreds of years.

Let your investments accumulate over time and it will grow faster than you expect. Growing at 10% a year, an investment will double in under 8 years due to the accumulative growth.

I often touch on topics such as Investing for beginners, stock recommendations, ETFs, stock market basics, how to find and evaluate new stocks etc.

Stocks go up and down, don’t invest simply based on what you hear or see in my videos. I might have a bias towards stocks I talk about, but I try informing my viewers when this might be the case.

My personal stock portfolio currently consists of the following stocks:

Hannon Armstrong sustainable infrastructure
Intel Corporation
Lockheed Martin
Taktwo Interactive
Vanguard small-cap growth ETF
Waste Management

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