Binary options trading – Live Webinar Beginner Class #1 – 100 % ITM

Binary options trading – Live Webinar Beginner Class #1 – 100 % ITM

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My name is Alex Radulescu. I’m a professional binary options trader, market analyst and I’ve been active in the Forex industry for over 11 years.
As years went by, I’ve developed more than 50 advanced Forex strategies, over 100 indicators and expert advisers. In recent years I’ve specialized on developing strategies and advanced indicators based on parities correlations for binary options.

About Community & Benefits

Our live webinars are from Monday to Friday, during 1 up to 3 hours, and the signals are delivered real-time while we make market and technical analysis, we implement indicators and professional technical analysis.

Newbies are teached step by step binary options trading strategies, get live signals and needed documentation step from a newbie to a professional trader

All community members get unique advanced indicators developed by me over the years and by our tech team, guided by documentation that explains step by step how they can be used in a profitable way. These unique indicators are based on the most strongest principle in Forex trading, parities correlations and advanced algorithms to determine trend reversal. They come along with lifetime license to be used only for personal purposes.

Do you think this is it? All community members have the possibility to use the expert adviser Great Alexander, an expert with undoubtedly results on binary options trading market, extremely profitable for the ones that are doing also scalping for Forex market

What is this meaning? It means that each member can access live this expert which is installed on 8 currencies pairs and delivers live signals, both audio and visual for 5 minutes or 15 minutes expiry terms

You can connect anytime, anywhere and follow the charts and when you get the signal you can access your broker’s account and place the order. Simply AMAZING !!

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