Binary options – beginners – robots and scams!

Binary options – beginners – robots and scams!

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We want to pay attention to beginners who are willing to start binary options trading, and we want to warn you of hidden jeopardies. You might know that those trading instruments carry significant risk for your investment even when you are trading at a regulated and licensed broker. But there are also many scams and other frauds surrounding binary options you should avoid before it is too late.

Scam Brokers

First, we’d like to start with scam binary brokers, and it is not a secret there are plenty of them. The scam brokers are not regulated, operating offshore and promising you big money in the short-term. We are pretty confident that an experienced trader would not fall for that, but if you don’t have an idea about financial markets, you might open an account and end up in trouble.

The issue with scam brokers is that they are more than happy to take your deposits, but when you request a withdrawal on your profits, they suddenly disappear. Then, you complain to your local financial regulator, but the regulator can do nothing about it because the company is not regulated by them. So, to save you trouble, you should trade binary options at a regulated broker.

For example, in the United States, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission regulates futures and option markets. In Australia, brokers are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and the Financial Conduct Authority is the financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom. Please make sure you do your due diligence before registering at a broker.

Binary Robots

The next trap you might fall into is called Binary Robot. The robot is presented as an auto-trading money machine that will make you profits, while you just sit and watch your account grow in real time. Sounds like the perfect solution to your financial problems, but the truth is if you make a deposit with a binary robot, your financial problems will only expand. We will say this straight: those robots are designed to make profit for their creators and not for traders.

Binary Gurus

After the money machines come the binary gurus. Binary gurus are all over YouTube and Facebook. You can see their spam messages everywhere. Usually, the message is something like “After many years of investment in binary trading, I finally got the winning strategy and software that yields weekly payouts of ,400 to ,900 with just a little deposit of ,000”. Yeah right. I will make the “little” deposit and Mr. Whatever-his-name will make me rich. Do I need to tell you the obvious? These people are scammers, and you won’t see any profit. Please stay away from them.

These are the most popular binary scams, but there is one more. These fellows simply can’t stop. You can also see some spam messages from people who will restore to you the money you lost to scam brokers. Don’t trust them!

The Binary Academy

So, you might ask how to start in binary options. You can start with our beginners trading academy. Just go to our website,, and navigate to the Education section. You will find free educational lessons on a wide range of topics, covering technical analysis, trading strategies, fundamentals, money management and psychology of trading.

Binary Signals – BOS

You can also follow our daily trades. You just need to download BOS Signals app from the App Store or Google play. We publish binary trading ideas on a given forex pair or a stock.

Once you open the app, simply click on the “Signals” tab and you will see all of the latest signals. On each signal, you’ll see Target price, Direction and Expiry time. If you want to trade the signal you have to wait for the market to reach our target price. Usually, the expiry time is set for End of the day, but we also send hourly signals. Of course, you can check our win ratio before you decide on a real trade.

Please also take note we do not send many signals per day, and if you do not receive signals, it means we are not publishing, but fear not, the app still working just fine. We prefer sending signals only when we see a good opportunity on the market instead of flooding you with 15 minute fake signals.

We do not use robots or any auto-trading software. This app simply shows how we trade.

Our trading ideas are backed with analysis, so you are not just following us blindly. You can actually understand how we choose a direction.

Should you have any questions, please write on the app’s “Wall” and we will be happy to assist you. To support our work, please gives us a review on the App Store or Google play. We wish you happy trading and don’t forget to subscribe!

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