Binary IQ Option $ 1 000 strategy 3 minute

Binary IQ Option $ 1 000 strategy 3 minute

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Binary IQ Option $ 1 000 strategy 3 minute –
Today I want to tell you about another interesting strategy. The strategy is very simple!
For example, we have ,000. We divide ,000 into 10 bids and get 0 per bid.
We take the first 0 and make a bid on any currency pair.

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Details of the strategy –

In case of win we’ll get 2, the next our bid will now all that is over ,000, i.e., . Thus we make all other bids. All that is over ,000 we put on the next bid. Using this strategy we can get 90% of profit in 5 bids.

If suddenly we lose, then we have in stock 10 bids by 0 each to return to the initial ,000.
Now I’ll show you what it looks like in practice.

We have an account with ,000, and we make a 0 bet.
Now we are waiting for the result. If we win, we get 2.
Everything that is above ,000 we will use for the following bid.
Now we take the bid of , because they exceed ,000, and make the next bid. Our task is to win 5 bids in a row. Thus we can get 90% of profit. We have made a bid and are waiting for the result. If we’ll win, we get 9, and so our next bid will be 9. So, we won, and now we make the next bid of 9.

If we lose, we have 10 bids of 0 each. We need to go back to the initial amount of ,000 and to start over. ,000 is like a buffer cushion, and this amount will not let us lose all the money. You can start with any amount.

That is, if you have 0, divide them by 10 and you get a bid.
We are waiting for the result, and so, we won.
Now, we shall make a 1 bid, and if we win, we’ll get 5. This strategy is very promising, and many traders enjoy it, because in this way it is possible to raise the deposit very quickly. If using the Martingale strategy we have to work very long and hard, here it is possible to double the deposit in one day. I got to increase my deposit 8 times in just one day. Well, it all depends on the success of your bids.

So we won 5.
When you get a 100% return on your deposit, you start again but with 00, like in my case.
That is, we had ,000 and reached ,000. Let’s divide them by 10 and start to make 0 bids. Having ,000, I reached ,000 in one day. The work using the strategy is real. You can test the strategy on a demo account.
We are waiting for the result.
We already win, and this is obvious. I think I’ve managed to explain and demonstrate the strategy. If you still have any questions, ask them in the comments. If you liked this strategy, click the “like” button. Subscribe to my RSS feed. Register at iqoption.

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