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These are the best stocks for beginners in 2018. If you are new to stock market investing and want to get your feet wet without taking on too much risk, I choose these 5 blue chip high dividend paying stocks that have been stable for many years. I pick AAPL, V, TI, JNJ, and MSFT for the best stocks for beginners going into 2018! Use this as a stock market investing guide for 2018! Enjoy!

#1 Apple (AAPL)
– Fan of apple products or not, we are all familiar with their products
– This is a must own stock in a well-diversified portfolio
– Obsessed with returning cash to investors through buybacks and dividend increases
– Dividend Yield = 1.44%
– 1 Year Returns = 49.63%
– 5 Year Returns = 131.1%
– P/E Ratio = 19.05 (low for tech stock)
– Strong customer base = printing money making them potentially the first T company ever

#2 VISA (V)
– Almost the definition of a “blue chip” stock
– 1 of the most 15 valuable companies in the world, has huge market share, it is highly profitable with huge barriers to entry
– Global market share leader in credit cards with over 323M active accounts compared to master card’s 191M
– Dividend Yield = .69%
(this has been increasing every year and will most likely increase more with this new tax bill)
– 1 year = 43.4%
– 5 year = 190.43%
– Great stock with a steady track record of growth

#3 Texas Instruments (TI)
– TI has been around since 1930, and is a 0B Company today
– Still growing at a healthy rate – revenue is expected to increase 11.8% in 2018
– They are a leading supplier in a rapidly transforming automotive and industrial sectors
– Raised dividend for a consecutively for 13 years
– They’ve also focused on buying back shares to decrease dilution. –
– In 2004 there were 1.77B outstanding shares, 2017 = 1B
– Dividend Yield = 2.38%
– 1 year = 40.9%
– 5 year = 218.1%
– Few other stocks offer this kind of dividend with such opportunity for growth

#4 Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
– Arguably one of the most diversified and consistent stocks available today
– They’ve raised dividends 54 years in a row, making this a long term pillar of any portfolio
– J&J has sustained reliable growth through diversification, management, and acquisitions of competitors
– Div Yield = 2.38%
– 1 year = 21.8%
– 5 year = 99.1%
– Slow and steady wins the race

#5 Microsoft (MSFT)
– I personally work for one of the biggest MSFT resellers in the Midwest
– Huge margins in a lot of their biggest service areas (cloud, ERP, O365)
– Msft is incentivizing their salespeople to sell cloud
– They are consistently raising dividends
– Div Yield = 1.96%
– 1 Year = 35.2%
– 5 Year = 224.79%

– Investing is a LONG game, not get rich quick
– The market is a roller coaster you only get killed if you get off in the middle of the ride


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