3 Stocks To Buy In June 2017

3 Stocks To Buy In June 2017

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Picking these 3 stocks was an extremely difficult decision. There are thousands of stocks traded on the NYSE but I was able to narrow my picks down to 3 stocks for the month of June!
#1 Investing Book: http://amzn.to/2qhucvx
If you agree with my picks, let me know my giving this video a thumbs up! All three of the stocks that I have picked for June are relatively stable companies and should be good for beginners. Please note that I am not a licensed financial adviser and you should conduct your own research before buying any of these stocks. I have been investing since 2009 (11 years old) and I have to admit that the first few years of investing in stocks was difficult. Luckily since I was very young I also had very little money to lose. If you are thinking about investing I would suggest starting with a small amount of money. The most important thing I learned in my first few years of investing is to be wary of everyone’s stock suggestions. That means that if you buy any of the three stocks I mentioned without doing a deep analysis of them yourself, you are a fool for doing so. Don’t rush into any stocks. Take your time and never buy on a whim. Below I have attached a link to a very helpful book that will give you the basic foundations for stock market investing. It is a “For Dummies” book, but I actually find these books to be quite useful. Thanks for watching and good luck investing. Feel free to reach out to me in the comment section below. Thanks!

Stock Investing For Dummies – http://amzn.to/2rM8y3E

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